At Holme Valley, we have a

Culture of Excellence

Purpose & Aims

Holme Valley provides excellence in education, which ensures that all pupils reach their full potential in an environment of mutual respect, support and encouragement. Through a whole school approach, we aim:

To provide a stimulating and challenging curriculum, where all pupils achieve at an appropriate level.

To provide a broad and balanced educational experience for all pupils.

To reinforce positive behaviour, improve pupil motivation and achievement.

To provide opportunities and support to maximise the effectiveness of all staff.

To ensure that the physical environment is safe, tidy, attractive and stimulating.

To monitor the efficient provision of high quality resources for maximum benefit of all pupils.

To encourage and promote an active partnership within the school, with parents and the wider community.

To encourage and support parents to work in close partnership with the school for the benefit of their children.

To provide a range of opportunities to develop the skills essential for children to become responsible, confident and caring citizens in a multicultural and diverse society.