Religious Education

At Holme Valley, it is our intent for the Religious Education element of our school curriculum to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils.

Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to answer challenging questions, we explore different religious beliefs, values and traditions. This develops a more rigorous understanding of the numerous religious traditions, beliefs and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society.

Religious Education also has a significant role in developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. It promotes open-mindedness towards different faiths and beliefs and encourages pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging through self-awareness and reflection.

The principle aim of RE is to develop an understanding and appreciation for the expression of beliefs, cultural practices and influence of principle religions and worldviews in the local, national and wider global community. We want our pupils to know and understand how Religious Education can prepare them for their next steps in life.

We follow the locally agreed syllabus for religious education. The key aims for religious education are reflected in the two attainment targets:

  • Attainment Target 1- Knowledge and understanding
  • Attainment target 2- Reflection and response

The development of knowledge, skills and understanding focuses on:

  • Beliefs and Practices
  • Identity and values
  • Meaning and purpose.
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