Our School Values

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A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community.
Our values are evident in everything we do and underpin our curriculum. We believe in:

commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence

By commitment we mean that everyone

  • shows loyalty to friends, colleagues and the school
  • is willing to support and show care for those who need help
  • shows resilience and is willing to work to the highest level
  • keeps the school rules

By opportunity we mean that everyone

  • develops confidence through participation
  • volunteers in a variety of school situations
  • considers their own strengths and sets personal goals for improvement
  • has exciting experiences which broaden their horizons
  • has access to an engaging curriculum which facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and skills

By respect we mean that everyone

  • values all members of the school community
  • displays good manners at all times
  • displays tolerance of others with different points of view and beliefs
  • is able to work as part of a team
  • shows respect for the school buildings, facilities and our environment
  • has a voice and their opinions are valued

By excellence we mean that everyone

  • is proud of personal achievement
  • produces work of the highest quality
  • sets high standards for themselves and others
  • makes best use of talents, time and resources


Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 19
Congratulations to everyone who earned a head teacher award!Another week of brilliant nominations across the school. Great work everyone! #Excellence #Rewards #WellDone pic.twitter.com/WaOD3ND2Nq
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 16
Y3 - Amazing Amusement Park!They have been learning all about what makes an exciting ride. Using motors, sensors and lights. They changed and adapted the code as they upgraded the models.Next week they are designing and coding their own rides! #Code #Tinkering #Sensors pic.twitter.com/eGTFApGk4V
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 13
Thank you to the family who captured the Aurora Borealis over school at the weekend!Amazing photos! #NorthernLights #AuroraBorealis pic.twitter.com/4JvewVOiFw
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 11
Holme Valley staff ready to meet the new pupils at the ‘Ready for school’ event today.#OurSchoolCommunity #Welcome #ReadyForSchool pic.twitter.com/q1JQnEgR6q
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 11
Is your child starting primary school in September this year?Get top tips and key information at today's community event at Scunthorpe Central on Carlton Street, between 10am and 3pm.Find out more about the event on our website 👇https://t.co/IzFgIlgrsk pic.twitter.com/aVdaWGppNq
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
Holme Valley All ready to welcome our latest families joining us in September. Tomorrow at Scunthorpe Central Library, 10am to 3pmThe staff are looking forward to meeting everyone! #ReadyForSchool @NorthLincsCNews pic.twitter.com/CrlbeY6WjR
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
These are great, thank you for sharing 🎨🖌️
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
These are fabulous Year 1 and well done to the Digital Leaders - we love these patterns 💜💻
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
Year 6 Computing Code bugs plus star accessory with LED lights. Programming a light sequence and changing the colours, time and what order they light up.#Sequence #Variables #Lights #CodeBug #MicroComputer pic.twitter.com/IMPCNgU1Bv
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
Well done!These children have had a fantastic week and earned a head teacher’s award! 🌟#Reward #WellDone pic.twitter.com/aEThmetBdp
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
Year 1 - Computing club with digital leadersThe children looked at some more art tools on @purpleMash Creating an image that can be used as a repeating pattern.#DigitalLeaders #ComputingClub pic.twitter.com/V47IsjYUUb
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 10
Gardening clubThey spotted the first radish from the crops planted earlier in the year.#GardeningClub #FreshProduce #HolmeGrown 😉 pic.twitter.com/NTPVK8kPCl
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 7
Join us for some May half term holiday fun at our Multi Sports Camp! pic.twitter.com/5VNuRxh7Ms
Holme Valley Primary School @HolmeValleySch, May 7
Is your child starting primary school in September this year?Prepare for this monumental event at this year’s community event on Saturday 11 May between 10am and 3pm at Scunthorpe Central on Carlton Street.Find out the full details 👇https://t.co/ywpZ5qEaps#events #school pic.twitter.com/k0Cni3IAYz